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11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: Skimmers

Wootton's five-point skimmer plan. [ READ MORE ]
11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: How to Fish at Big Venues

Rob Wootton shows us how a simple approach on the pole can be the key to cracking big venues [ READ MORE ]
11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: Commercial Fishery Tips

Rob Wootton explains the advantages of using bread as bait on commercial fisheries [ READ MORE ]
11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: "What to Do When You're Not on a Flier"

Some matches are over at the drawbag, especially when carp are the main quarry and pellets the main bait. Rob Wootton’s approach catches everything and can put you in the money. [ READ MORE ]
6 January 2011
REVIEW: Middy Match Hooks in MatchFishing

Between them, Middy's match hook range covers 99 per cent of match fishing scenarios. [ READ MORE ]
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