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7 January 2012
Craig Butterfield: What Matters to You?

Middy's Craig Butterfield asks whether it's the winning or the fishing that should matter to match anglers. [ READ MORE ]
22 March 2011
REVIEW: Shotgun Feeders in Angling Times

Ben Fisk at Angling Times reviews our Shotgun Feeders. [ READ MORE ]
11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: Paste Fishing

Paste fishing in open water is often seen as a complicated affair, so Match Fishing enlisted Middy-backed Rob Wootton to give you a quick rundown ready for your summer campaign... [ READ MORE ]
11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: "The Truth is Out There"

Groundbaiting on rivers usually means employing personal favourite mixes perfected over the years. But is there a true all-round groundbait for rivers? Rob Wootton reckons so... [ READ MORE ]
11 March 2011
Rob Wootton: Sweetcorn Fishing

Middy-backed Rob Wootton gives you seven tips to improve your sweetcorn fishing. [ READ MORE ]
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