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5 September 2016
On Test: Middy Xtreme Poles

Alex Bones hands out a hard test to the Xtreme M1, M2 and M3 poles from a company that never fails to impress these days - Middy. [ READ MORE ]
9 March 2015
Lee Thornton's weekend March 2015 (1)

23 October 2013
Lee Werrett: Stafford Moor 5-Day Festival: Match Report

A five day rotation of the lakes on this stunning venue [ READ MORE ]
14 March 2013
Lee Thornton: How I Won The Heronbrook League

Obviously I was happy with a bit of a cash injection, but what pleased me the most was how consistently I had performed throughout. [ READ MORE ]
13 January 2012
Craig Butterfield: The Silver Rule

Middy's Craig Butterfield talks silver fish match rules. Are they more of a headache than a good way to stir up winter competition? [ READ MORE ]
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