Our principle interest is in the manufacture and sale of fishing tackle to the trade. However, our UK factory utilises many machines that allow us to offer even more services:
  • We have our own plastic injection moulding machines and can take on contract moulding work.
  • We can make any fishing tackle item under an own brand label if bought in quantity.
  • We produce our own laser labels and can offer customised labels with company name/logo at competitive prices.
  • We have our own pad-printing machines and can take on contracts for printing any item e.g. golf balls and pens.

Some examples of work we have carried out:
  • We have made buoying devices for plant pot stands.
  • We have supplied glass tele slim handles for a magician's magic wand outfit.
  • We have supplied swivels to a kite manufacturer.
  • We have supplied seven strand wire for trip flares for the M.O.D.

For more information please contact Production Director Pete Middleton on 01773 533 533.


We can shape wood to within +-.002

StarGrip 360 in CAD stage

StarGrip 360 in design/drawing stage