When anglers write to us giving positive feedback on our products, there is no greater satisfaction. After this, the second greatest satisfaction is to win awards for them!
Best Float Rod Under £120.00 (2015)
Middy 4GS Micro Muscle Waggler Rod

Best Gear of the Year (2015)
Middy Nano-Core XR8 Pole

Best Buy (August 2015)
Middy Xtreme Series Luggage Range

Product of the Month July 2014
Middy Baggin' Machine Synaptic Series 10ft Carp Feeder Rod

Product of the Month August 2013
Middy Shock Core XK55 World Pro Rods

Best Pellet Waggler Rod of 2012 - Winner
Middy X-Flex 4G Micro Muscle Waggler Rod

Best Flagship Pole of 2012 - Runner Up
Middy Shock Core Fusion XK55 Pole

Product of the Month October 2012
Middy Shock Core Fusion XT15 Pole

Product of the Month June 2012
Middy X-Flex 4G Rod Range

Best Product of 2011
Middy White Knuckle Thriller Pole

Product of the Month June 2011
Middy 3G Micro Muscle Waggler Rod

These are just a few of the many accreditations framed on the wall at our UK Headquarters. See the pictures to the right for examples of the accolades we have achieved over the years.