How2: Set up rods using the StarGrip360 system
Learn how to setup rods in conjunction with the StarGrip360 system...
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Products you will need:
- StarGrip360 Universal Chair Arm
- StarGrip360 Feeder Arm (Straight or Periscope)
- StarGrip360 One-Way Arm
- StarGrip360 Thread Stikk (12cm, 21cm or 35cm*)
*We recommend using a 35cm thread stikk.
- Rod rests of your choice (one for front, one for back - click here to see our range of rod rests)

1) Affix the Universal Chair Arm to either front leg of the chair (whichever side you prefer).
2) Insert the Feeder Arm into the Universal Chair Arm.
3) Add a front rod rest to the Feeder Arm.
4) Using the remaining pieces found in the Universal Chair Arm pack, affix the One-Way Arm to the back leg of the chair.
5) Insert the Thread Stikk into the One-Way Arm.
6) Add a back rod rest to the Thread Stikk.