Pole Spares Availability
15 JUNE 2018
Middy would like to make the following statement and apology regarding availability of spares for the Nano-Core poles range.

We confess that there's currently an issue regarding supply of certain top-kits for the Nano-Core poles range and agree that the situation is simply not good enough at present.

The Nano-Core range is built on mandrels that have been utilised for over seven years now and usually we are able to ensure good stock availability and quick supply. However, particularly since the early part of 2018, we have had supply problems from our Italian manufacturing partners. Deliveries that should have occurred to us in February have still not been fulfilled.

We are working hard to rectify this and hope to have stocks by the end of June. This is our top priority every day. Since the launch of these poles we believe we had built a good reputation for availability, so you can imagine how devastated we are about the current situation.

We would like to offer our apologies to those who have been kept waiting for kits or who are indeed still waiting. We assure you that this is not a long-term problem. Once the supply issue is sorted, stocks will again be good and we remain optimistic that by the end of June this temporary blip will be resolved.

Spares like fourth and fifth sections for example are in most cases not being affected, so please do not worry if you break a section - we will find a way to supply those whether on the XR8 or the top of the range XZ65-2.

Sales of Nano-Core poles have increased by over 20% each year since the launch of this fantastic range and we still genuinely believe they are unrivalled for quality and price. We know how important it is to have top-kits and sections available and we are committed to providing an excellent service. Please bear with us while this temporary issue is resolved. Thank you.

~ For and on behalf of Middy Tackle International Ltd.